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Our  Philosophy
Our commitment to Building Solutions has been the keystone of TOP Construction Company’s corporate philosophy for almost ten years.  We focus on a well defined, strategic process which requires a complete understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations.  Our team of veteran construction professionals uses a collaborative effort to develop and incorporate a project directive around the clients’ specified needs and expectations.  Our commitment to efficiency is from start to finish.

Our Company Vision

As Chief Executive Officer for TOP Construction, it is my pleasure to invite you to partner with our company. We are proud of the opportunities we have shared to change the landscape, nationally and locally, through quality construction. 

I feel it is important for me to share a brief summary of my construction experience in order for you to understand my commitment to our company’s history and reputation. I have over 25 years of experience in commercial/industrial design and construction both in management and in the field operations. I maintain a contractor's license in a number of states and continue to both build and service our client needs across the country.  The mission of our team is to be the premier construction company and your trusted partner to provide Building Solutions. We focus on strong relationships and our signature is crafted in quality, integrity and accountability.

The vision of TOP Construction is captured in three overarching principles:

  1. Quality and Professionalism
  2. Time and Cost Efficiencies
  3. Operational Systems aligned for maximum accountability

Our quality and professionalism are our Signature to our clients.  These two characteristics define who we are and affirm our commitment to Building Solutions.  Our business is service oriented and each job is viewed as a strategic partnership with the client.  We approach each job with a commitment to both time and cost efficiency.  These efficiencies define our Spirit.

Our focus on strong operational systems helps to better align our accountabilities for successful outcomes. This commitment defines our Stewardship to the client.

I want to thank you for your consideration of partnering with us for your building needs. We have a strong team of veteran commercial construction professionals who will make your construction experience a very positive one. Please know that I am available to meet with you personally throughout this process.

Douglas R. Uhler

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